Introducing the New Business Gypsy Partnership Program

Business Gypsy Partnership Program

The BGPP is open to all Entrepreneurs, Contractors,
Business Owners, Sidepreneurs, & Business Gypsies
who are interested in growing their small business or skills
while using their business to help boost life, love and peace throughout the World.

The Business Gypsy Partnership Program helps Small Business Owners,
Entrepreneurs, Contractors, Artists, Writers and more to reach their full entrepreneurial potential
while boosting self confidence in themselves while growing their brand.

The Mission of the BGPP is to help self employed artists, designers, writers, and more to reach their target audience
while helping to create a better and brighter world for the future generation of Business Gypsies.

How It Works

How the Business Gypsy Partnership Program Works

Business Gypsy Web Design, in addition to the Business Gypsy Blog,
will add your existing small business, skill or entrepreneurial venture to the BGWD Websites,
to help boost exposure and gain consumer trust.

If an interested individual finds your business or service through the BGWD Websites,
BGWD will set up the initial meeting between the interested party and your business and
get background information on the type of product or service they are looking for.

If a contract results after the initial meeting, BGWD will receive a small referral fee to cover the cost of time and work put in by BGWD.

Contact Business Gypsy Web Design to become apart of the
Business Gypsy Partnership Program

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